Outpatient Services

The two facilities collectively house 20 outpatient clinics, where the full range of urology and nephrology consultations are carried out.

All patients are registered to maintain their medical records for future consultations and visits.

37,538 is the number of Outpatient visits in 2019.

IHUN Outpatient Clinics

    1. Urology
    2. Pediatric Urology
    3. Uro-Oncology
    4. Andrology and Infertility
    5. Pediatrics
    6. General Surgery
    7. Nephrology
    8. Gastroenterology
    9. Blood Vessels Disorders

The Hospital houses a fully equipped lab and blood bank to provide patients and physicians with accurate and efficiently conducted blood tests that are carried out on fully and semi-automatic calibrated machines.

The radiology and medical imaging unit provides patients with a wide range of diagnostic imaging and therapeutic services and procedures. These include general X-rays, Sonography (ultrasound) and Computed Tomography (CT Scan).

By providing both imaging and clinical pathology, IHUN has evolved into a one-stop hub for its patients seeking comprehensive urology and nephrology services.

Key Scans and Tests

    1. Abdominal and Pelvic Ultrasound
    2. Uro-Flow
    3. CT-Scan
    4. Plain Urinary Tract
    5. Intravenous Pyelogram (IVP)
    6. Urodynamic
    7. Trans Rectal Ultrasound
    8. Ascending Urethrogram and Cytogram
    9. Echo