The team of Urologists at IHUN, continuously seek to develop ways to improve surgical results while reducing recovery time and side effects. They rely on advanced surgical techniques including those for bladder preservation and diseases of the prostate, treatment of benign inflammatory and infectious disorders, diagnosis and treatment of kidney stones, all types of voiding dysfunction (including incontinence, obstruction and reconstruction of the upper and lower urinary tract), male infertility and impotence, this is coupled with pediatric urology treating congenital abnormalities of the genitourinary system in children.

IHUN doctors are also proficient in the latest techniques including laser-assisted surgeries, minimally invasive techniques and the complete spectrum of endourology procedures, some of which require only one day. Management has recognized the opportunities in day care surgeries due to technological developments which previously required the patients to stay at the Hospital for a number of days. Such surgeries can be carried out within a day whereby a patient gets admitted in the morning and gets discharged in the evening. This reduces the average length of stay for patients and free up beds for tertiary care case.

There are 4 operation rooms in Mohandesine branch operating close to the maximum capacity, recording a daily average of 15 operations. October branch has 5 operation rooms, yet still in the ramp up phase in terms of daily surgeries, hence offering significant room for growth